My art is about the universe, the infinite—and it’s also about the individual.  Micro vs macro, positive, negative, push and pull, the yin and the yang, ebb & flow, night and day, sun and moon.  Balance.  Color.  Visual.  I aim to create positive, uplifting, and thoughtful work.  Art is everything and everything is ephemeral.  Visual communication, universal language.  Major influences include nature, music, ancient civilizations, and, of course, my own life, environment and existence.


'To know who I am, is to know where I've been'

Born in Detroit in 1983, Steven Stodor began working with Glitter on Canvas, at age 15. Stodor began supplementing traditional paint with glitter and glue in order achieve a ‘flat’, graphic effect, though the result was anything but flat. His first such work, which imagined a pink, female profile, created primarily on the kitchen table, was the catalyst for a decades long glitter era, which produced bold works on canvas representing popular culture figures and Catholic images.

Moving to San Francisco in 2001, Stodor returned to University at age 24, after a six year hiatus, to study Advertising. Fast forward a couple of years, he found himself back in the Fine Art Department, where he laid claim to a nautical point of view, especially that of International Signal Flags. This focus was derived from Stodor’s upbringing on Lake Michigan added with his now residence of San Francisco. Water, and life on and near the water, has always been an integral source of his self.

After his former Studio was compromised in 2014, Stodor’s practice was considerably altered and downsized. His nautical work, which were primarily representational, mixed media paintings, started to shift towards that of assemblage and installation. His color palette concentrated on primaries and black and white. Stodor acquired his current Studio space in late 2016. He has embarked on yet another evolution since January 2017.

An amalgamation of both periods, and beyond, Stodor’s current work is a glimpse, his share to the viewer, of him dancing like nobodies watching; a body of work in it’s adolescent stage, one he refers to as Disco Punk Fantasy. Through common mediums used, such as resin, paint, glitter, acetate, and canvas; a balanced juxtaposition is achieved. The color and light utilized in each work makes clear that his process is fluid and intuitive. Dreamscapes of the mind best sum up his imagery. Suggested/ambiguous representations of color and design encapsulated in resin under contrasting paints, transform and shift with light. Slight optical illusions are intentionally offered. Stodor’s process is layered and motivation is inherent. His goal is to create works that emit a desired coolness. Stodor considers himself an artist rather than a painter; one who looks deeper into one self and creates work that is bold and uniquely his own.